Our polyclinic started its activities in 2004 as Fatih Beauty Center. ÖZEL FGM POLİKLİNİĞİ has been continuing its services for 10 years. This title is given to a small number of organizations from Turkey about 3500 beauty center in general.

ÖZEL FGM POLİKLİNİĞİ ; Dermatologist physician, dietitian, nurses and Ministry of Education Certified Beauty Specialists is an organization that serves our people. In our polyclinic, there are almost all kinds of services related to beauty and care. In our polyclinic; Botox Filler (lip filler-cheek and face filler-detention light filler) Spider Web Aesthetics Applications Hair Transplantation and Treatments All medical aesthetic applications such as Mesotherapy and Ozone Treatment, as well as medical skin care and treatments for the world-known application procedures for healthy skin care all options are used.

Featuring state-of-the-art laser hair removal devices suitable for all hair types in hair problems. Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Ice Laser (Soprano ICE) Scanning Diode Laser Hair Removal (LEDA) Needle Hair Removal Weight-guaranteed diet programs, tightening and fit body programs, lipolysis, cold lipolysis, power plate and regional fat splitting and slimming programs with cavitation are the main support services for a healthy weight loss. We offer medical solutions with the latest technology for all your questions and problems such as crack treatment, cellulite treatment, capillary treatments and breast recovery. Our outpatient clinic has provided professional solutions to a large number of patients in Turkey and abroad and has achieved significant success.
There is no branch of our polyclinic!

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